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Your Firewall Doesn’t Protect Your Business

Your Firewall Doesn’t Protect Your Business


Your Firewall Doesn’t Protect Your Business

As a matter of fact you could do just as well not even having one. Let me explain.

There are many ways to get into your systems and steal, modify or make your mission critical data and services unusable and unavailable. A Firewall is used to guard and protect against the huge number of threats and unskilled hackers from directly gaining access to your systems. The problem is there are many easier ways to get in. While a Firewall may pose a challenge and provide entertainment to typical admins and script kiddies, it will not stop a real threat. The really bad actors are not going to be bothered trying to break your firewall. They will just go around it.

Think of them like a common burglar. When they are driving around looking for a place to rob they will avoid a place with cameras, dogs, guards and security system signage. They will just move on to a place that seems to have less or no security measures. If a professional hacker sees your firewall why waste time and possible detection going through a firewall. They will just go around it.

Pro’s will avoid your Firewall – it’s easier

Professionals will take their time and carefully go around the firewall. They are smart and will target the weakest link or area to gain access. They will use readily available information about your company, your employees, website and partners. Social media and the dark web are treasure troves of information that can be used to get into your systems undetected.

Low Hanging Fruit – going around the Firewall

I recently read an article where an extended penetration test experiment was conducted. When they reported their results several months later it was a real eye opener. The experiment targeted executives at several companies. A beautiful woman befriended them on facebook and hooked them. The results showed that this woman had gotten many of the executives to give her their computer logins and passwords. Sure it took some time but it shows that real threats will still get past your firewall – they go around it. If this lady was part of a team of criminals just think what could have happened.

She could have gotten into the systems and done all sorts of things. She could have created different accounts, backdoors and even vpn’s to do whatever damage she wanted to. She could have been in their networks stealing data for years and never be detected. Let your mind wander around this scenario for a while. What could have happened.

I am just saying that it takes more than a firewall to protect your business digital assets. So, when your IT Guy says ‘We have it covered’, are you sure it’s really true?

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