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Your Anti-Phishing Campaign

Whether you like it or not Phishing is a hazard that will invade every email account eventually. This is not just your personal emails either. Your work and business accounts, your kids accounts and even your parents accounts.

Before we go on lets just define phishing. It is any email that attempts toentice you to click a link. The link can infect your device with malware, redirect you to a dangerous website or trick you into providing sensitive personal information. Data Breaches and other security incidents often begin with a simple but well crafted phishing email.

While you may be pretty good at spotting a phishing or extortion email, how do your friends, family, coworkers and employees stack up? Probably not as well as you would want. But what can you do about it?

Many larger companies and businesses have an in-house security team that can administer a program and train employees. Most smaller businesses are not so fortunate. Having a large enough budget to have a full time Security staff large enough to not only take care of the day to day security activities but also time and budget to create and implement an employee Security Awareness Training Campaign can be prohibitive for a small business.

Don’t let your company security just be completely neglected. Knowing that employees are among the weakest links in the security chain gives you a great place to start. One that not only helps protect your company but your valuable employees safety and security as well. One place you can start is to begin an Anti-Phishing Campaign. You can do this in house or hire someone that specifically offers such training.

If you want to opt to give it a go in-house be prepared to spend some time on it. The effort will definitely be worth it in the long run. I would suggest using an existing template. It will save you time, money and headaches. InfoSec’s Marine Lowlife’s Campaign Guide. It is among the best I have seen and it is free to use. You will have to join their mailing list and create an account and jump through a few hoops to get the whole enchilada though.