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Your Account Numbers are Exposed

Your Account Numbers are Exposed

Your Account Numbers are Exposed

Your account numbers are exposed in a way that you may not even realize. That’s right. Actually it’s something you see quite often but don’t even recognize it.  Can you guess what it is?

Well, if you guessed it is your monthly paper and sometimes online statements, you’re absolutely right. You may think this is alright but I caution you to contact your provider and let them know its not. Because a smart hacker with your entire account number they find on your bills or other correspondence could wreak havoc. What would happen if someone got hold of this number.

It may even be possible without the account number. Watch these expert Social Engineering videos and make up your own mind.



Just a phone call away

Because with just a phone call and a clever hacker, your account could be taken over. You see, these experts know how to play the game. They know that its human nature to want to help someone who is having a hard time.

So just take a simple precaution and get a cross cut shredder. It may just save your identity.

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What Information are You Sharing

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