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You have been hacked phishing scam and extortion email

You have been hacked phishing scam and extortion email


This email is particularly bad. In its first iterations I believe it was actually a copied and pasted text where the scammer threatened to proliferate a questionable behavior of you. The claim to have your password and email login info by claiming they sent the email from your own account. They basically just spoofed your email address to make it look like it was sent from your account. Email spoofing is a relatively easy thing to do and it happens more than you think.

This scam in its more recent versions actually have a picture of the email text. They show your their bitcoin account number telling you that you need to deposit bitcoin crypto currency into that account.  They say that it is case sensitive and to avoid making a mistake you should just copy and paste the account number. As soon as you attempt to copy the number to either send them their ‘ransom’ or report them to bitcoin, they have you. The picture has embedded code in it that automatically downloads malicious program to your computer.

There is yet another twist in this scenario. The twist is that many of us today constantly use our cell phones to read out emails. Many cell phones automatically begin downloading images, attachments and other media as soon as you download the email. So many times you don’t have to read or even open the email to have your mobile device compromised.

To help protect from this kind of attack make sure your phone and other devices have the most recent updates for all programs and apps. Also make sure that your anti-malware and anti-virus definitions are up to date.

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