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You have a payment in process…

You have a payment in process…

Below is an email that is just phishy..
FYI As usual, I have disabled URL’s

subject: $41,361.35 sitting in our payment queue

Hey there,

You have a payment in process and will be credited to your account soon…

Amount: $15,102.80

VERIFY PAYMENT NOW <http://pt5.abellacarl.trade/btrevc>

If this email was sent to you by mistake, please ignore it.

Good luck,

Alfie Bentley
Snap Cash Support

This is among the type of spam/scam emails which may catch the unsuspecting person by surprise. Regardless of whether or not it brings a person to a site that downloads any malware, it certainly has the potential to get you put onto another mailing list that may not be so benign.

Among the ‘suspicious’ items in this email is that the unsubscribe link is very far down the page that is full of blank space. It also has a supposed “Report Abuse” link that has the same url as the unsubscribe link as shown below.

<http://www.lettermelater.com/unsubscribe.php?mid=1111111&email=********.***>  from this newsletter instantly.

Report Abuse

I suggest simply marking this email as junk/spam and if need be block the senders address.


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