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Why Hire a Website Monitoring Service??

Why Hire a Website Monitoring Service??

Why hire a Website Monitoring Service??

I know what you are thinking, ‘I don’t need a Website Monitoring Service. I already have a webmaster who is doing everything I need for my business website. ’

Does he really? While he/she may do a lot and seem to be doing a great job, there are many things that may be out of scope or even ability for the average webmaster to handle.

As a savvy business owner

you know that having professionals do certain things is essential. You have a Lawyer, a bookkeeper, a tax advisor/CPA, a trusted computer technician and so on. It is expected that each one of these experts knows their specific job and will advise you accordingly. A Lawyer gives you legal advice but you don’t want him fixing your computers or network the same as you don’t want your computer guy to tackle your taxes.

The same goes for your website. Your webmaster can take care of managing your website. They take care of adding content, SEO, managing your newsletter and customer database and autoresponders. That is a lot of work. Do you also expect him or her to know how to test for vulnerabilities? How about backups, cloning, security testing, server performance? That’s like expecting sound legal advice from your auto mechanic.

A website monitoring service

works together with your webmaster to make sure things are done right, up to date and operating smoothly. Your webmaster does a lot for you and they do a lot for their other clients too. Along with the standard services they likely get overwhelmed trying to keep up to date with all the newest threats and updates.

That’s where we come in.

We are not webmasters, we specialize in website monitoring services, testing and scanning. We keep abreast of the latest threats and the steps to take to guard against them. We have the ability to scan for vulnerabilities, malware, hackers, intrusion detection, DDoS, database compromise and other threats to your website and your online business reputation. We check for blacklisting, infected files and give you detailed reports listing the infected files, site errors and outdated software.

We are the Messenger, not The Cleaner (that’s your Webmaster)

Both you and your webmaster can receive the reports. It will then be up to your webmaster to focus on his job of being a webmaster and take care of cleaning files and taking steps to get your site removed from any blacklists reported.

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