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What is Vulnerability Scanning and Testing

What is Vulnerability Scanning and Testing

Vulnerability Scanning and Testing

Vulnerability scanning and testing is an important part of keeping your computers at your business and at your home secure. Not only keeping the personal and sensitive information ( a.k.a. Personal Identifying Information or PII) , such as bank account numbers, tax and income info and even medical information about you, your family and business but also sensitive information that if compromised could cause disastrous consequences like identity theft.

While a breach or compromise of a business system is probably not intended it may be cause for a lawsuit of negligence because appropriate steps to safeguard information were not taken.

The other side is the personal systems you probably have and your whole family use every day in your home. This includes mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets and pda’s as well as laptop and stationary desktop computers.

Think about it, you hear it on the news all the time that the government or Facebook or a bank was compromised and they wind up paying an extremely high price. Not only in fines but also in damages. Damages to their systems and to the employees and customers whose information was possibly compromised.

While that may not hit home for you because you have not been affected by such a breach yet I invite you to consider the personal side. A breach of your personal systems could compromise your families PII and even their physical safety. It could allow a malicious individual to track when your home is unoccupied and even where your family members are going. I am sure you have seen such a scenario on the television police drama shows and even in movies.

Many people have security cameras and devices installed in their home or business to protect them. These same devices can also be compromised and used with malicious intent. Both wired and wireless systems are equally affected.

Vulnerability scanning is an important part of your personal and business defense and protection plan. With out it you risk –

  • Security of family members PII
  • Physical safety of family members
  • Physical security of your home and possessions.
  • Security of your business sensitive information
  • Security of your employees PII
  • Security of clients and customers PII
  • Physical safety of business premises
  • Physical safety of employees and their families
  • Physical safety of clients and customers and their families

You can perform a vulnerability scan yourself but unless you are very tech savvy I suggest leaving it up to a professional. You may think it is expensive to hire a professional to perform a test but the cost of NOT doing it may well result in a much higher price.

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