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The Home Computer

The Home Computer

The Home Computer is for the most part, thought of as a portal to information and shopping. It is because of this and that they are every day appliances we use, security tends to be put aside.

In todays reality of remote working the home computer is a very dangerous weapon. A weapon that can easily infect your company network. Even if a remote worker has a separate computer they use only for work in their home the same risk is still present.

You see, all the little gadgets that are also connected to your home network can all be used to compromise a system. These gadgets include smart appliances such as the fridge, roomba, thermostat, baby monitors or other smart devices. The reason these are dangerous are because they are connected to your home internet connection usually a wireless or wifi connection.

These seemingly innocuous devices pose a serious threat to an employer allowing remote work because security is generally not implemented in these devices leaving them open and broadcasting over the air waves.

Without getting into the techy part of the whole scenario it is kinda like having a sign in your front yard saying your front door is unlocked. So if you are mowing the lawn in the back yard you will never know who has possibly entered your home. In this case you would only know if a note was left and your spouse was taken AFTER you came back in.

If a bad person has compromised your employees system it is very simple and easy to maintain a foothold on their network and then use that connection to compromise your system from their home.

That is why continuous system monitoring as well as compromise monitoring is so important. Like it or not there is no system that is safe from the bad guys. They are protected and they know it. They are protected because when they attack through your employees home computers or networks it will look like that is where the attack came from. As soon as they realize they have been discovered their automated malware will begin to cover the tracks and alert them of the discovery. Then they simply encrypt your stuff and move around to avoid capture.

This is where monitoring comes to the rescue. While it may not prevent an attack from happening it increases your chances to be able to stop it before serious damage occurs.

The best partner of continuous monitoring is education. If you are educating your employees about security and testing them with specially designed programs you are creating a more secure business network. You are also benefiting the employee as they will also me more mindful when at home and implement the security practices with their families too.

So the big question is are you taking your company security seriously or not. We are now far enough along that using the uncertain atmosphere is not a valid reason to not have these practices in place. In fact with the current rise in attacks there is even more urgency to make it happen.

Reach out to me so we can figure out what the appropriate next steps should look like for your business. I promise to give you an honest answer to your concerns and show you options available to you both with my assistance or without.

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