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My Cat is a Hacker.

Yep, you read it right. My cat is a hacker. Well kinda. He is more like of a social engineering con man, which in the tech world would be also known as Human Hacking. I will tell you the story in a minute but first lets discover what social engineering is. Basically it is using…
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The Biggest Security Threat to Small Business and How to Fix It

What is the biggest security threat to small businesses today. I will let you know right now that most business owners believe it is getting hacked. In a sense that is true. But often the idea of being hacked is misrepresented in our minds as some guy in a hoodie behind a laptop writing code…
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Insider Threat – Part Deux

In a recent article “Inside the Insider Threat” I explained how devastating a breach could perpetrated by an insider. One of the most critical issues is that these attacks come from inside an organization by seemingly trusted employees. Just last week an insider attack was thwarted at Elon Musk’s Tesla, dodging a potentially devastating bullet.…
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