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Strategy Day 5 Back Up Everything!

Strategy Day 5 Back Up Everything!

Data is the lifeblood of every business. Unfortunately, the risks and threats to the protection, privacy and usability of that data are endless. Follow the 3-2-1 method for backups; a minimum of three unique copies of your data, two available locally and one off-site or in the cloud. Make sure to test your backups often for functionality and integrity.

Just as an aside please know that your O365, G-Suite, AWS and pretty much all cloud based environments DO NOT back up your data. They have space and servers to keep their platforms running with failover to redundant servers but they do not back up your data. If you, an employee to someone else deletes or otherwise removes/encrypts/damages your files you will not be able to get them back through the providers.

So BACK IT UP! EVERYTHING! It is your responsibility.

In todays current marketplace, in regard to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR), there is a wide variety of solutions available to businesses of every size. Selecting the right solution for you takes careful consideration of what you are trying to accomplish now and in the future. Are you only protecting certain data or the entire structure of critical assets. Are you operating in a virtual environment, cloud based or traditional client server architecture? All things need to be considered in order to make a solid educated decision that is right for Your Business.

The problem lies in the variety of all the variables. Even within a businesses own environment the IT staff often struggles to keep abreast of new technologies that are available and the new threats that surface on a daily basis. The in house IT staff work hard to keep the machine working smoothly, ironing out the daily issues that arise and lack the valuable time it takes to stay on top of the outside world. For smaller businesses it is even more difficult.

That is why many small businesses, even those with in-house IT staff, engage the assistance of Professional Cybersecurity Analysts to enhance and address their IT Security needs. At DB Cybersecurity Consulting an analytical approach backed by hard data and numbers are how solutions are developed. We know that every business is different and has different goals, needs and risk tolerance. That is why we ‘do the math’ every time based on clients requirements. By doing this we remove the ambiguity of simple high, medium or low, red to green matrices.

This is necessary in order to make accurate and informed decisions. The reason is simple. what high confidence level means to one person means something very to the next. A low threat to you may be seen as severe to me. These simple matrices also leave out the critical element of time. While I could easily expand on this, I will not as it is outside the scope and requirements of this article, but I believe you get the idea. What is needed is a solid, unambiguous number that allows the element of time to be included with risk, tolerance, requirements and current and future possible vulnerabilities.

The question is are you more comfortable making critical business decisions based on a red, green or yellow ‘feeling’ or on a solid percentage of confidence?

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