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Strategy Day 3 Keep Updates — Up to Date

Strategy Day 3 Keep Updates — Up to Date

Keep Updates — Up to Date

While updates often introduce new or enhanced features into your apps, programs and systems, they also install security and performance fixes known as patches. Undiscovered defects or flaws can leave your systems exposed. Hackers will exploit any vulnerability or security gap they find. Keeping your systems updated is vital for keeping your business cyber ready.

Now is NOT the time to forego applying patches and updates. I know they can be a real pain sometimes but well worth the effort. With cyber crime and phishing at an all time high you simply MUST keep up-to-date with updates and patches. Security updates are especially.important and many feature updates address problems that may open a security related vulnerability.

This includes all applications, web sites and plugins, browser updates and especially security related hardware and software. In large enterprises the IT team will likely be pushing these out for you and you really have no choice. These larger firms will usually have a way to test updates in a protected environment before pushing them out company wide. Their test environments are isolated from the  network and will have all configurations of standard and allowed devices available in order to make sure any glitches will be dealt with before hand.

In smaller companies where the resources are thin and the IT department may not really have the resources or the knowledge available to undertake such tasks. They can however still test updates. They can also check online for known issues the updates are having on systems. With technology to the state it is at there is really no reason why updates cannot be tested in order to avoid major disruptions to the systems. Even small businesses with a small or no onsite IT department can still have their IT provider or advisor test updates for adverse impact. Virtual machines are free to build and set up and can be a good indicator of how different resources will be impacted by any given update. If there is an adverse complication to systems within the environment it will be known and a work around or fix can be implemented. Many times OS providers will learn about problems and develop patches to fix them fairly quickly.

Just one last word about these bothersome updates and patches. You should check your insurance policy to make sure that anything you may do or choose not to do does not negatively impact your coverage in the event of a cyber incident.  As far as policy compliance goes due care and due diligence will go a long way for you if you need to fight an insurance company’s denial of coverage.

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