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Strategy Day 11 Reduce Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

Strategy Day 11 Reduce Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

Nearly two-thirds of firms (65%) have experienced cyber-related issues in their supply chain in the past year1. As a part of your cyber readiness plan, you must deploy protocols to evaluate and monitor the security of your supplier networks and third-party vendors.

This is a really overlooked aspect of your cybersecurity plan. Mostly because it is assumed that you cannot really control what happens outside your business. This is the same dangerous thinking that led to the Target breach. They were compromised through their HVAC vendors access portal.

The truth is you can and should control EVERY aspect of your technology infrastructure. If for no other reason than because your assets are on the line. Remember the Target incident? Do you recall ever hearing about the HVAC company? Who did everyone blame for the breach? TARGET! That is because the property that was compromised was ultimately Target Assets. Target is the party who left the door open by not evaluating and monitoring security protocols that would have stopped or at least minimized the breach.

As you know a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Don’t let a weak link in your supply chain be the cause of your business suffering a breach.

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