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Strategy Day 10 Don’t Skip the Insurance

Strategy Day 10 Don’t Skip the Insurance

Increasing risks and threats of data breaches and ransomware, regardless of size or industry, have prompted many businesses to adopt Cyber Risk Insurance to protect themselves from catastrophic loss. Investing in a cyber insurance policy could save your business should you be the next victim.

I know, buying insurance sucks. But you and I also know that it is a must have.Trying to figure out what policy to get for your business can be very confusing and frustrating. Because of this many small businesses put it off thinking they don’t need it or that it is too expensive. They also are not aware of what they must do in order to ensure that when they have a claim it goes through and gets paid, not rejected or denied.

That is among the services we offer at DB Cybersecurity Consulting. Not only do we investigate the options available we make solid recommendations of what your business needs. We can also purchase and manage your policy for  you as well as monitor it and provide documentation proving you are in compliance with the policy guidelines so your claims get paid.

We can take the Mystery and Headache out of Insurance.

Reach out to make sure you have the right insurance and you are doing what is required for your coverage.

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