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Sample Scan Reports

On this page you will find links to reports that are actually produced when scans are performed. You will find our standard Website Monitoring report as well as other vulnerability scans that are done using a variety of tools.  While tools often have overlap of scanning capabilities using multiple tools reduces the risk of returning false positives but more importantly reduces false negatives.

Another notable fact is the reports are of varying sizes. Generally, but not always, the Raw Data reports are larger(higher page count). This is mainly because the formatted reports simply do not report unnecessary verbosity while the Raw Data files contain every bit of information uncovered regardless of its importance or relevance.

Most people prefer the formatted ‘Executive Summary’ type of report. If you would prefer both then they will be provided when available.

Some of the reports below are raw data while others are nicely formatted ‘Executive Summary’ style reports. The Website Care Report is the standard report provided with Website Monitoring Services

Click on a link to view the report.

16 pages Website Report – Executive Summary

18 pages – System Report – Executive Summary

Lynis Audit
208 Pages – System Report – RawData

Website Care Report
14 Pages – standard report provided – Executive Summary

Unix Privacy Check
257 pages – System Report – RawData

3 pages – WordPress Website Report – RawData