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Microsoft Grant phishing scam

Microsoft Grant phishing scam


You have won $1 Million from the Microsoft Grant Donation

Even though you and I may think this is really just a silly attempt and would immediately delete it, many others who may not be quite so savvy may just click the link and possibly get malware, spyware or even ransomware covertly installed on their device. It could possibly even happen to you, perhaps your son or daughter visited the link while using your computer to do their homework.

This is why it is so important to implement a Cyber Security Awareness Program in your company. Not only will it help secure your business but it may avert a nightmare being perpetrated on your employees and their families.

Learn how you can teach your employees to avoid phishing and other scams. This not only helps protect your company but your employee and their family as well from possible scams that can lead to Identity Theft or serious security breaches. Contact us HERE

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