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Just DON’T Do It

Just DON’T Do It

Just DON’T Do It

As you know I endeavor to bring you information to help you stay safe and secure whenever you are online. But I also want you to be safe when on your phone as well. What I am about to tell you may shock you so pay attention. Make sure you share this with all your friends and family members to help keep them safe as well.

There are scams everywhere. Email scams also known as phishing, attempts to lure you into clicking on a link in an email sent to your inbox. Spam filters catch a lot of it but you still need to be wary and vigilant when viewing your emails. Simply previewing or opening an email to view can have disastrous results. If you check your email on your cell phone a lot you would be wise to make sure that your settings are set to NOT automatically download images. Hackers and scammers can easily hide code inside the image file that can infect and take over your phone. If that happens you are in a world of hurt. They can do whatever they want including intercepting your emails and calls as well as your online purchasing. They own your fone!

What has become more prevalent since the covid pandemic is what is known as vishing. Scammers will call you pretending to be your bank, Doctors office, paypal or someone they believe you will respond to without question. Many will skip your phone ringing and go straight to VM. Others will be a recording or even a live person. They will have facts about you that will make them more believable. Recordings will often direct you to call a specific number to resolve an issue.

Whether it is phishing or Vishing don’t fall for it. Never call back a number a recorded message or unknown person leaves for you. If you are concerned that it may be a legit call. Do your due diligence. Look them up from a past bill or other correspondence you have received. You can also search online to find the right web address and phone numbers.

Remember these bad guys are criminals and want to get whatever they want by any means necessary. So whenever you get a message or email that directs you to click a link or call a number …


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