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Inside the insider threat.

Inside the insider threat.

This is your IT providers worst nightmare – and yours!

The Nightmare …

Your IT provider or in-house IT Staff works their butts off installing your systems. Then someone from the marketing department brings their kid to the office to do their homework, and a crafty piece of malware hiding in the registry plants itself on the mail server. Nobody’s wiser, until a month later when the virus is unleashed to every contact of every employee in the marketing group.


Woulda. Coulda. Shoulda!

Two crimes were committed here. The first was carried out by the hacker who first infected the kid’s computer. The second was perpetrated by the IT Personnel, who had a month to discover the foothold before it caused any harm. They relied too heavily on the fire wall and A/V software to prevent the malicious code from infiltrating the network.

The Solution:DB Cybersecurity’s Advanced Breach Detection System

Our Advanced Breach Detection System is just one more tool we use to protect your systems. It adds another layer of security that will look for — AND FIND — malware footholds and send you and US an alert with all the details we need to find and neutralize the threat.

That is what we do Cybersecurity – that is it – Period! Click the link below to contact us


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