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How to Protect Your Business From Phishing

How to Protect Your Business From Phishing

Unless you did not know, Phishing is the most used form of hacking there is. So what are you doing to protect your business from phishing attacks.

If the answer is nothing you are setting yourself up for a huge financial nightmare that could easily shutter your business. In fact over 60% of small businesses close permanently within 6 months of being victimized by cybercrime. Criminal Negligence, Civil Suits and bankruptcy are all very common and very real threats to businesses that suffer a cyber attack.

There are several steps you need to take to safeguard against phishing attacks. First and foremost you need to determine whether there is already sign of compromise. Next you will need to implement a solid cybersecurity education plan within your company. Then you will need to make sure your employees are protected against phishing attempts by blocking them before they ever get to their inboxes.

I know it sounds like a huge project that will be expensive as well as time consuming. I know that business owners must weigh the risks and benefits to do as much as they can to grow the business while reducing risk. I also know that taking the first steps can seem like they will interfere with the daily workflow.

Well it does not have to be that way. If you think your current IT guy has it handled then why dont you get notifications about what is happening.

The truth is that the typical IT vendor or even in house IT guy for a small business does not know how to implement a solid cybersecurity plan. Until now the price tag for hiring a CISO and IT Security team has been prohibitive for a small business. With advances in technology it has become very easily to implement a good cybersecurity plan that does not break the bank.

With recent Laws that have been passed in EVERY state and country, as well as the Newest US law making it basically illegal to pay cybercriminals ransom or other extortion demands, it is becoming increasingly important to make sure you have adequate protections in place.

Our newest graph AI is the best way to keep phishing attempts from even getting to your employees inbox. It is constantly learning through a worldwide network of agents that continuously communicate with each other. This allows the system to learn and respond more quickly to new threats. What would normally take weeks or even months the AI system identifies quickly. Sometimes within hours of new threats being released.

Combine that with state of the art Training and compromise monitoring and detection and you have a solid foundation to base your cybersecurity program on. I firmly believe our vCISO service is the only way small businesses can effectively protect their business without worrying if their IT provider is qualified or selling them hardware just to pad their pockets. The reason why is because at DB Cybersecurity Consulting the only focus is on Cybersecurity. We do not sell or install hardware or appliances. If we find that there is a deficiency with a particular appliance such as a switch or computer we inform the customer of it. When requested we will make recommendations for replacements but to avoid conflicts of interest will not contract to sell them.

As far as installation and configuration of hardware we believe your current IT partner would be the best choice because of their in depth knowledge of your systems and configurations. Sometimes however a customer does not really have an IT partner and needs help getting things done. We have a number of IT partners that we recommend because of their knowledge, expertise and outstanding customer service standards.

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