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How Safe is Your Personal Info

How Safe is Your Personal Info

How Safe is Your Personal Info

Just a normal day walking from the station to the office. This nice girl shows you a sign in the window and tells you that if you like them on facebook, the coffee shop will give you a free coffee and pastry. WOW! This is starting out to be a good day! A free coffee and pastry just for liking the shop on Facebook.

See what happens in the time it takes to order and receive your Free Coffee and Pastry.

Watch this then answer the question again.


You need to become your own firewall. A Human Firewall!

Imagine what could happen if…

  • You check in at your favorite restaurant for date night with the wife.
    Your daughter is at home alone
  • You get an email from your bank alerting you to suspicious activity and that you need to call this number immediately to confirm your accounts security.
    The email didn’t come from your bank.
  • You are in your office and you get a call from the IT guy. He needs you to log on to this site.
    He is not really your IT guy.

Many things can obviously happen if you are careless about what you post. Identity theft, human trafficking and data breaches are only a few.

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Video from Action Fraud youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrjT8m0hcKU

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