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HBO subscribers targeted

HBO subscribers targeted

HBO has lots of customers that love the convenience offered by streaming their favorite movies and shows. Unfortunately it is also among the most common targets of phishing scams. This season it was HBO’s Game of Thrones that viewers anticipated and scammers eyed. They targeted the season with a “Free Trial”phishing email.

Please remind your beloved employees to be mindful of the emails they get both on the job and at home. Remind them to look for misspelled links or spoofed email addresses. If there is the slightest doubt DO NOT click the link. They can check the validity of such offers by typing in the companies name i.e HBO into a search engine and visiting the company site where they should be able to confirm if the deal exists or contact the company to inquire about it.

Learn how you can teach your employees to avoid phishing and other scams. This not only helps protect your company but your employee and their family as well from possible scams that can lead to Identity Theft or serious security breaches. Contact us HERE

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