The truth is, hackers know they have a decent chance of success when hiding in plain sight  Don’t make it easier for them.

Phishing attacks arrive in our busy inboxes as attention-grabbing messages, updates, or promotions. Cyber Criminals use the most powerful marketing strategies of FOMO – Fear of Missing Out and FUD – Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt to entice you to open and click. All it takes is one innocent click by an employee to bring your business to a halt. The danger is even higher with mobile devices, because most people are unaware that their mobile phone settings come factory default to automatically download images. Malware is often encoded into image files and when you open an email on your cell phone with such a file the game is over. They own you.

One of the best and simplest techniques to use is the 20-Second-Rule. Use it religiously and you will be able to avoid most phishing attacks.

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