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End-of-Life for Windows Products

End-of-Life for Windows Products

Windows 7 and Server 2008 End-of-Life as passed.

Many  people missed it amid the pandemic crisis that we are now trying to overcome.

But now that we are in the most trying times and adjusting to remote workforce issues and the like it is even more important for small businesses to look at their current remote workforce to learn if non-compliant computers are accessing your network.

Even before COVID-19 hit, as the Jan. 14th “Windows 7 End-of-Life” date came and passed, it was widely known that a huge number of PCs were still running Windows 7 – in excess of 400 million. If you find that hard to believe, consider there are now more than 2 billion computers and servers in operation today.

Without support, Windows 7 computers no longer get automatic security patches or updates . . . although some percentage of companies are paying Microsoft a fee to supply them with “critical updates” on a periodic basis. Most home computers are not likely protected. I can all but guarantee that there are countless bad guys out there working day and night to identify new vulnerabilities within these out of date Windows products and they WILL do everything they can to get into those computers.

Before the pandemic, we advised Business Owners about the serious risks associated with continuing to use Windows 7. We created an e-Book and offer a free OS Assessment and recommendation. Now it is even more critical that your remote workers are not running severely out of date and unsupported products. If you ever worry at all about your compliance to PCI or HIPAA regs then unless you have already run a FULL NETWORK scan including your remote workers computers. We even have a self serve portal that you can use to send your employees to so that they can have their computer scanned and have a report sent directly to us. If you like we will also perform a Dark Web Scan for your coimpany to verify that your users login credentials have not been compromised.

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There is a lot we can do to help but if you suffer a breach due to an out of date and unsupported employees home computer then you will wind up paying the piper. Find out before it’s too late.

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