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Do you WannaCry

Do you WannaCry

Do you WannaCry?

Just the other day I wrote an article about the Top 5 Excuses why businesses do not have a cybersecurity program in place. In that article I mentioned the WannaCry ransomware worm that grew to a worldwide threat in record time.

Guess what?

It’s back. WannaCry aka WannaCrypt 2.0, is back and it is reported to have infected over 75.000 users in Europe on Saturday. That number grew to more than 200,000 by Sunday.

“Wannacry is by no means the biggest threat ever, but my nature (using recent windows vulnerabilities) it targets organizations who set low priorities for IT security, such as hospitals. Historically, only a small percentage of victims pay up. The majority of the damages are in lost productivity or even lost revenue due to customers facing processes breaking.”
WannaCry: What You Need to Know www.securelink.net

Are You a Target

The primary targets are the low hanging fruit businesses. Those who put low priority on securing their systems. At first the criminals were asking a mere $300 to unlock your files. They seem to be upping the ante’ as time passes.  There have been 3 bitcoin accounts identified to be connected with this attack. The criminals had collected in excess of $35,000 by Sunday. I am sure that number has increased dramatically since.

How Big is Your Bankroll?

How much lost revenue can you afford to lose because your customer facing systems are locked down. Your employees, their families and your own family can also be easily affected. What will it cost then? If you do pay their ransom do you really believe you are free from the grips of the perpetrators? It seems to me they will own you forever. Well, at least until a fix is released, maybe.

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