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Day 12 Deploy a Multi-Layer Security Strategy

Day 12 Deploy a Multi-Layer Security Strategy

Security is asymmetrical. Where businesses must plan, prepare and defend against every threat or scenario, cybercriminals only need to find a single weakness or hole in your defenses to carry out their malicious plans. Protect your data and your business by deploying multiple security strategies together as one. At DB Cybersecurity Consulting, this is our specialty.

Think just for a minute. If an operating system has 2 million of lines of code and there are just .1% that have security vulnerabilities means that there are roughly 2,000 vulnerabilities build in to your operating system. How about programs though. maybe a program has 20,000 lines of code. lets use the same .1% error rate. That comes to another 20 vulnerabilities. If you have only 10 programs or applications you use then the total goes up to 200 just for the apps you use.

But lets face it, there are many more than 10 apps that are in use in your company. There are also more than 1 operating system used by the devices that you allow to connect to your network. You can’t just ignore it, playing the ‘We are too small’ or ‘We don’t have anything that is of any value to someone else.’ game. If you find yourself saying these things you are lying to yourself, your employees and your clients.

We know how staggering the numbers can get. That is why we continuously monitor your system. To guard against the unknown threats your business faces. At DB Cybersecurity Consulting, this is our specialty.

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