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Dark Web Scan

Hi, I am glad you decided to visit this page. This is a page that I allow limited access to.

You are here because you clicked a link in an email sent by me or were given this url in a telephone conversation we had.

You want to learn more about the Dark Web Credential Scan I did for your company or organization. The Scan that I ran was a limited cursory scan that revealed some concerning information about compromised credentials of users within your organization. Here is a sample of what may be revealed and items of high concern. I realize this is not a pretty polished page. It is not meant to be. This page is to show the stark and frightening reality of the amount of information that is easily available that can jeopardize the existence of your business as well as your employees security.

This is a typical Cover Page.

This page shows typical results of a scan. The black arrow points out a concerning username. info@abusiness.???. This simple piece of information can give a lot of information about a company’s structure. The other names show the naming convention used for the company. The yellow highlights in the middle of the page are of significant concern as they show poor/careless/weak password usage, administration and policies. The yellow highlight on the right is concerning because this particular Data Breach exposed 6 critical pieces of PII of the particular user.

PII stands for Personally Identifiable Information and can include Name, Address, Social Security Number, Credit Card Numbers, email addresses and more.

Please note the first entry on this page. user dan@??? this entry is from a compromise at ticketfly.com. Near the bottom of the page he is listed again in a breach on linkedin. On the first incident he has 6 pieces of PII that were compromised in the breach. The first yellow highlight shows very possible poor password usage. It is very likely this password was easily just guessed and found to be right. You can see in the center of the page records are found on a Dark Web site and are probably for sale.

In the above examples the asterisks on the passwords were inserted because the actual entire password is readable. As you can see the information revealed in a Dark Web Scan can be a real eye opener. While these users are not necessarily the cause of any data breaches the information and insights that can be gleaned is amazing. Often times these users have no idea their information was compromised.

This should be a serious concern to you. A large percentage of people use the exact same passwords on multiple sites and many reuse one Login/password combination for everything.

There are things you can do. I can help and will gladly discuss RISK FREE solutions I have made available to ensure a good fit.

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