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Dark and Threatening New Business Reality

Dark and Threatening New Business Reality

Dark and Threatening New Business Reality

Our New Business Reality is actually a magnification of what has been going on all along. The processes and activities that we are undertaking in new ways such as remote work capabilities for our employees has had a drastic effect on the occurrence of cyber crime. Dark Web sites have been busier than ever.

The world has become more and more dependent on shopping online to get many of the items that everyone used to go to a store to get. This opens up a huge new market for the bad guys. They actively monitor online sites like ebay and amazon and adjust their business models to take advantage of the growth of online shopping.

It is amazing to actually see how the criminals have set up their world. Their online malls and shopping sites rival ebay and amazon in their complexity and distribution. Take a look at this site. As you can see they have all their offerings lined up and arranged by categories with search capabilities, forums, feedback, become a vendor, order tracking, messages and they even have a support page. They also have currency exchange tickers – Amazing.

The vendors don’t skimp either. They include their vendor level and a trust rating. Quantities and shipping instructions are shown as well as full product explanation on his NEW and Improved Branded version.

So what does this tell you. That’s right the dark web as it exists is a sophisticated and thriving machine. And the current pandemic has opened new doors for them in which to ply their trade. You may also notice that many of them operate on the same ‘LOW PRICE’ model to entice customers to buy from them and not their competition. They are serious about their craft and are out to make money with it.

And the prices are very competitive. You can find user emails and credentials including passwords ranging from $2 each to upwards of $6 each. You can bet the cheaper ones have already been sold a few times where the more expensive ones are newer and fresher and will have a higher potential ROI for the serious buyer.

I just wanted to bring this up to maybe open some eyes. Cyber crime is a REAL threat to any individual and business. They are serious about stealing your data and compromising your employees credentials in order to get what they want. YOUR MONEY! In the end it all boils down to getting money from you. They are getting better at it every day. This may sound cliche but it is not a matter of if but rather of when you will become a victim.

If these guys put so much effort into taking your money from you, don’t you think you should make an effort to…

  • ensure you don’t let them?
  • ensure you protect your customers and clients information?
  • ensure you protect your business reputation?
  • ensure you protect your livelihood?

You work hard to keep your business running. Now you have a simple choice to make..

#1 – Ignore it saying with all the bravado you can muster that you are not worried and you do not have anything of value or your business is too small. You can try to convince yourself and everyone else that it won’t happen to you because your IT guy says he has it covered. But please be aware that just because you cannot see a threat or danger does not mean it does not exist. Cyber Crime is real and will destroy your business if you ignore it.

#2 – You can decide to be proactive. You can investigate how you may be exposed and actively mitigate as mush risk as possible and employ safeguards and monitors to alert you when something does happen.

Let us show you how you can simplify all of your cybersecurity processes and run your business without any headaches or worries. We will run a free Dark web scan for you so that you can take appropriate actions to remediate any problems or maintain your cybersecurity posture. This service will be available to all CEO’s who register and attend our Free Dark Web Credential Scan.

The next step is yours to make and we are making it as simple and painless as possible. Click the button of your choice now!

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