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Cybersecurity Awareness Month Tips

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Tips

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, an opportunity to educate ourselves of the importance of maintaining secure practices all year round. To Kick off Cybersecurity Awareness month Here are 7 tips to follow.

Secure Together, illustrates our conviction to protecting what matters most – the trust of our customers and associates. This can only be maintained when we all practice security together – we are only as secure as our weakest link.

As we take measures to ensure we all help keep our workplaces secure, here are some best practices to stay secure together:

Connect Securely: Connect to a secure network via Virtual Private Network (VPN) as well as a password protected Wi-Fi.

Protect Attentively: Keep (company) devices in sight and secured. Immediately report lost or stolen devices to the appropriate department.

Log-in Securely: Avoid using work credentials for personal accounts – keep them separate. Immediately reset compromised passwords by following company procedures. Do not re-use passwords on multiple sites.

Immediately Report: Think twice before clicking on email links or attachments that appear suspicious. Immediately report suspicious emails to appropriate department.

Shred Securely: Securely dispose of documents by shredding hard copies when no longer needed. Be sure to secure hard copies from public view.

Share Securely: Share information only on a need-to-know basis. Be sure to leverage OneDrive to easily and securely share files with one another and external partners.

Browse Securely: Navigate to secure websites as noted by “https” within the navigation bar. Avoid providing sensitive information on sites that do not appear reputable.

I can send you a info-graphic that yo can post around your workplace or send to your employees.  You can download a graphic to post on the wall. Download.

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