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Cybersecurity Awareness Month Tips #2

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Tips #2

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Cybersecurity Awareness Month Tips #2

With over 30 billion devices connected to the internet and counting, you may have heard the term, Internet of Things (IoT) – devices that perform various tasks through internet connectivity. These devices are becoming increasingly common in many households, including digital assistants, smart thermostats, doorbells and printers.

While IoT devices bring a world of convenience, they have created opportunities for cybercriminals to access personal data, especially when they lack proper safeguards to protect them. Here are some steps to help ensure we keep our IoT devices at home secure and private:

• Keep Devices Up to Date: Update IoT devices frequently to ensure the software isn’t vulnerable to cybercriminals. As best practice, set the device to automatically download and install updates.

• Use Complex Passwords: Create complex passwords to secure your Wi-Fi network and IoT devices. Passwords made up of letters, numbers and symbols are much more difficult for cybercriminals to hack.

• Setup 2 Factor Authentication (2FA): Add 2FA during login, which adds a second layer of security to confirm a user’s identity before accessing an account.

• Mask Device Names: Consider naming devices with unique names that do not refer to its use or location. Using names such as Homer’s Living Room Thermostat can make an easy target for cybercriminals.

• Disable Features: Review device settings to turn off features that are not needed (e.g. Bluetooth connectivity).

• Review Account Settings: Data settings may be defaulted to opt-in. Review these settings to ensure information like location, contacts and photos are not accessed and shared with others.

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