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Cyber Crime Industry

Cybersecurity Month is almost upon us. The Criminals are working overtime to break into your systems. Don’t let your company be the next victim of Cyber Crime. In this short Video you will learn the best defensive tools against Cyber Crime.

Cyber Crime is the fastest growing industry in the world.

In Fact it racked up a cost of over four trillion dollars in 2017 and has steadily risen,

increasing by more than a trillion dollars every year since and shows no sign of slowing down. It is a HUGE problem and affects EVERY one of us. Every Business, Every Person and Every Family in every corner of the global economy.

Hi I am Dave Brehaut of DB Cybersecurity Consulting.

Our Mission is to provide Enterprise Calibre Cybersecurity Solutions to small businesses without the Enterprise Sized Pricetag.

In this short video you will discover The Least Expensive, Most Effective, Cybersecurity Defense Plan ANYWHERE.

I will show you what ANY Business can do to create the strongest Cybersecurity Defense plan on the planet with assets and resources you already have. The best part is these resources are self updating without causing expensive work interruptions or downtime.

While the major focus in cybersecurity has traditionally been to invest in firewalls, antivirus and the like. The fact is that while those are necessary tools to defend against cyber attacks and hacking they are protecting the against the least likely kind of cyber attack.

What has always been seen as the weakest link, I see as the best and most effective line of defense for any business.

Its People.

It is what I like to call …

The Human Firewall.

I want you think about that. The Human Firewall. That’s you, and every other person in your company and the ones in your family as well. So I wonder how much value you really place on your security, and the security of your company and your family.

Every year there are lots of Cybersecurity Events around the world. Experts from every country get together to discuss the trends they are seeing and new ways to defend against cyber crime.

A few years ago in at an event in London a group did a survey at Liverpool Street Station. That’s one of the busiest commuter hubs in the UK. They were there in the morning and in the evening. They were asking commuters to answer three simple questions on a form..

What’s your name?

What company do you work for?

What’s your network password?

The Results

Thirty-four percent of the people who were asked, filled out the form. That is Scary enough. But What is even worse. Of the people who said NO they would not fill the form, 70% of them did when they were bribed with a Marz candy bar!

To be realistic we need to understand that some of those people who filled out the form lied and just filled it out with bogus info just to get a free candy bar. But we also need to realize that some of them probably did fill out the form with correct information.

That makes it really scary.

Cybersecurity is a numbers game and the bad guys only need some of the information to be true in order to cause a devastating breach.

But why would someone give this information to a total stranger that merely asked for it.

Because they do not see its value.

That’s gotta change if you are to going to keep your good name and business out of the news.

There is a simple shift that will make your employees cybersecurity champions, turning them into the strongest first line of defense and NOT the WEAK LINK in your business security. What is that shift?

positive reinforcement and effective, simple training like we recommend and implement with our clients.

Coupled with our unique onboarding process it allows us to transform unaware employees into the security champions your company needs to survive and thrive in todays cyber landscape.
What we covered in this video shows when people willingly giving away information that could be used to seriously jeopardize your business.
In my Next video I will show you that you really don’t have to give the info away. Criminals can just trick you so easily it will make your head spin. So watch out for the next video, it’s really an eye opener.

It’s up to you to protect your business. You can either keep doing what you have been doing
and HOPE nothing will happen

OR you can reach out

so we can start to build the best solution for your business Right NOW.

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Have a great day. I look forward to talking with you soon.