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Coronavirus: What is Your Business Plan

Coronavirus: What is Your Business Plan


Coronavirus: What is Your Business Plan

By now we are all well aware of the Covid19 – aka Coronavirus – is having a huge impact globally. Do you have a plan to deal with it?

Remote Work

Many businesses are examining their current work-from-home or other remote work policies. Carefully implemented remote work policies can help your business remain functional in the event you need to close your doors. The concept of remote work or tele-communting has been around for a long time. Maybe it is time for you to look a little further into how you can implement a remote work solution. While it is bad that new physical illness may be responsible for shuttering businesses and financial hardship on people there may be a silver lining for your business.

Remote work options can be a real financial boon to businesses and their employees. Many businesses are able to shrink the size of their offices because they have opted to allow employees to work remotely. While remote work takes a bit of preparation and cost, setting it up can really add to your bottom line over time.

Shut your office doors

Shutting your office doors may be needed to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus throughout your employee base. Wearing a mask is not really a preventive measure against it. It is recommended for those who DO have the virus to wear masks to prevent spreading it to others it doesn’t really help as a preventative measure. Non infected people wearing masks may even develop a false sense of safety. If you don’t take all the other precautions that are advised the mask isn’t helping you from contracting it.

Think about this

You are wearing a mask in your office. A client who has been recently exposed comes into your place of business. While you are helping them out you are interacting with them and solve their problem. They leave. You continue working and a bit later you go to the break room for a snack. You bring your snack back to your office and have a munch with your coffee. Even though you have washed your hands the germs left behind by the visitor you had earlier are still around – you have been exposed. Or perhaps you open your mail. Was everyone who handled that piece of mail uninfected?

How do you set up your remote work ability

Keeping devices secure is vital, whether it is because of the recent Coronavirus outbreak or because your employees travel. Improperly set up home wifi networks or airport, hotel or other public FREE wifi are all threats to your company’s sensitive data. The safest and most secure way is to set up VPN access for your remote working employees. Just make sure you are doing it right. Otherwise you may be opening your systems up to the bad guys while you are closing them to your trusted employees.

Click the picture below to download our free Work From Home Gameplan to help guide you through the process.

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