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Coronavirus Phishing Attacks

Coronavirus Phishing Attacks


Coronavirus Phishing Attacks

We all new it was going to happen. In fact I have been getting phishing emails for several weeks now. It started soon after the announcement of the outbreak in Wuhan, China. These attacks use every possible fear folks may have. They range from new more effective masks to more potent hand sanitizers to whatever else these scumbags can think of that can cause fear in the minds of the email recipients. They are sending out ransomware to make money and they do not care how they get it.

Cybersecurity firm Check Point announced today that over 4,000 coronavirus-related domains — that is, they contain words like “corona” or “covid” — have been registered since the beginning of 2020.

This is a common theme. Take advantage of people when they are at their most vulnerable. These campaign volumes have ranged from a few dozen emails to well over 200,000 emails and the number is trending up, fast. Whether you know it, like it, or admit it email addresses are very easy to come by. They can be scraped, bought and stolen and yours or someone from your company is likely among them.

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This will affect you

Your business, employees and their and your families. Don’t think for a minute that your business is too small for anyone to want to attack or that your data is of no value to anyone. It does NOT matter to the scammers. They know that your data is valuable to you and the health of your company. They do not necessarily need to steal it. They only need to keep you from being able to use it – bringing your business to a screeching halt!

They don’t care about your DATA

They are after what is in your wallet or bank account. the bad thing about it is that a large percentage of the ransomware attackers do not know how or have the ability to decrypt your data even if you do pay their ransom. If they do have the ability do you really TRUST they will remove the files or scripts that caused the problem for you in the first place? I would think they would leave it in place and just have it re-strike in a day or two wanting you to pay up again. Remember these are criminals, they do not care about or have any intention of following the laws or playing fair. They will drain you dry.

The best defense for you, your company and your employees is a solid training plan that teaches how to recognize these scams and what to do when they suspect they are being targeted.

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