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Insider Threat – Part Deux

In a recent article “Inside the Insider Threat” I explained how devastating a breach could perpetrated by an insider. One of the most critical issues is that these attacks come from inside an organization by seemingly trusted employees. Just last week an insider attack was thwarted at Elon Musk’s Tesla, dodging a potentially devastating bullet.…
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Back to School – Avoiding Cyberattacks

The kids have gone “Back to School” so to speak. In many cases virtually. While we have become comfortable with the whole online learning thing over the past several months, It is still ultimately up to parents to make the online learning experience safe for our young learners. If you have been tuning in/listening to…
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Protecting Yourself and Your Family – What you need to know.

Protecting yourself and your family online is more important than you can imagine. There is technology that you need to use properly but your strongest defense against criminals is YOU! We all know technology needs to be used properly and kept up to date with security patches and updates. But knowing it and doing it…
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How Safe is Your Personal Info

How Safe is Your Personal Info Just a normal day walking from the station to the office. This nice girl shows you a sign in the window and tells you that if you like them on facebook, the coffee shop will give you a free coffee and pastry. WOW! This is starting out to be…
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Back to School – 6 Tips to Stay Safe

As you are likely well aware, school is about to begin if it already hasn’t. I am sure you also know that this year will look different from years past. There will be a few things that will remain the same. Back to school sales at brick and mortar retailers for supplies and new clothes.…
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Just DON’T Do It

Just DON’T Do It As you know I endeavor to bring you information to help you stay safe and secure whenever you are online. But I also want you to be safe when on your phone as well. What I am about to tell you may shock you so pay attention. Make sure you share…
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Inside the insider threat.

This is your IT providers worst nightmare – and yours! The Nightmare … Your IT provider or in-house IT Staff works their butts off installing your systems. Then someone from the marketing department brings their kid to the office to do their homework, and a crafty piece of malware hiding in the registry plants itself…
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Winchester Virginia | High Compromised Credentials Count

Winchester Virginia Businesses Have Staggering Compromised Credentials Count If that got your attention it should. Especially if you are a business owner in the Winchester Virginia area. So you still think cyber crime is something that only happens to big companies in big cities? Think again. I know a lot of people will be angry…
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Dark and Threatening New Business Reality

Dark and Threatening New Business Reality Our New Business Reality is actually a magnification of what has been going on all along. The processes and activities that we are undertaking in new ways such as remote work capabilities for our employees has had a drastic effect on the occurrence of cyber crime. Dark Web sites…
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How Password Policies Protect Your Business

How Password Policies Protect Your Business As mentioned in an earlier article Combat the Password Crisis, Passwords are a necessary part of protecting your business assets. We have had to deal with our almost universal dislike of using and changing passwords for a long time now. It is because of this dislike that password policies…
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