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Cybersecurity Awareness Month Tip #3

This is a quick and simple one that hopefully we all know but needs to be said. Whether email, text(sms) or telephone message think before responding. Use the 20 second rule. Read, Examine, decide. <<<<< Read about it there Hackers know you. There should be no doubt about that. Everyone is on social media and…
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How to Protect Your Business From Phishing

Unless you did not know, Phishing is the most used form of hacking there is. So what are you doing to protect your business from phishing attacks. If the answer is nothing you are setting yourself up for a huge financial nightmare that could easily shutter your business. In fact over 60% of small businesses…
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My Cat is a Hacker.

Yep, you read it right. My cat is a hacker. Well kinda. He is more like of a social engineering con man, which in the tech world would be also known as Human Hacking. I will tell you the story in a minute but first lets discover what social engineering is. Basically it is using…
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What is Shadow Tech and Why it matters to your business.

What is Shadow Tech and Why it matters to your business. Shadow Tech is fancy scary word for unauthorized devices being attached and used on your systems. It comes in many forms. Everything from thumb drives, ipods and phones plugged into a users computer to people bringing in their own WiFi routers and plugging them…
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Windows 7 End of Life

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Tips #2

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Tips #2 With over 30 billion devices connected to the internet and counting, you may have heard the term, Internet of Things (IoT) – devices that perform various tasks through internet connectivity. These devices are becoming increasingly common in many households, including digital assistants, smart thermostats, doorbells and printers. While IoT devices…
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The Human Firewall

WTF is a Human Firewall? Yes I did get that exact question. It is NOT a barrier around yourself to prevent being burned. It is not the steel barrier between the passenger compartment and engine of a vehicle either. The Human Firewall is the best defense a company can develop to protect against cyber crime.…
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Business Owners in Denial

In my line of work I encounter a lot of Business Owners in Denial. It surprises me every time although I guess it shouldn’t. You see Cybersecurity is a MAJOR issue for every business that uses technology, which is almost all of them. For some reason they have the ‘It won’t happen to me’ attitude…
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Cybersecurity Awareness Month Tips

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, an opportunity to educate ourselves of the importance of maintaining secure practices all year round. To Kick off Cybersecurity Awareness month Here are 7 tips to follow. Secure Together, illustrates our conviction to protecting what matters most – the trust of our customers and associates. This can only be maintained…
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Insider Threat – Part Deux

In a recent article “Inside the Insider Threat” I explained how devastating a breach could perpetrated by an insider. One of the most critical issues is that these attacks come from inside an organization by seemingly trusted employees. Just last week an insider attack was thwarted at Elon Musk’s Tesla, dodging a potentially devastating bullet.…
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Back to School – Avoiding Cyberattacks

The kids have gone “Back to School” so to speak. In many cases virtually. While we have become comfortable with the whole online learning thing over the past several months, It is still ultimately up to parents to make the online learning experience safe for our young learners. If you have been tuning in/listening to…
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