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Cybersecurity Awareness Month Tip #3

This is a quick and simple one that hopefully we all know but needs to be said. Whether email, text(sms) or telephone message think before responding. Use the 20 second rule. Read, Examine, decide. <<<<< Read about it there Hackers know you. There should be no doubt about that. Everyone is on social media and…
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Cell Phone Security

Cell Phone Security

There are numerous way that bad actors can track your online usage. If you have ever clicked on an ad and then keep seeing the same ads following you around that is a very popular technique. Many people will put it off to just simple coincidence, but in reality it is far from that. All you have to do sometimes is visit a site and they have you.

Phone Phishing Scammers are Getting Better at Their Craft

If you own a mobile phone, which almost EVERYONE does, you have likely noticed a huge increase in the number of spam calls that you get. The failed Do Not Call system if considered pretty much a joke by everyone. The thing you may not know is the scammers and phone phishers are baiting the…
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Cell Phone Security

Secure Your Devices

While you are probably more likely to lose your phone than have it getting hacked there are still simple precautions you should take.