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Category: Emergency Response Plan

Strategy Day 4 Force Authentication

One-level security is no longer enough. Even the strongest passwords are vulnerable to theft or exposure. Requiring more than one method to authenticate user identity or access permissions can reduce or eliminate the risk of stolen or unauthorized credentials being utilized. Traditional login schemes use single factor authentication. This means using a password to gain…
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Strategy Day 3 Keep Updates — Up to Date

Keep Updates — Up to Date While updates often introduce new or enhanced features into your apps, programs and systems, they also install security and performance fixes known as patches. Undiscovered defects or flaws can leave your systems exposed. Hackers will exploit any vulnerability or security gap they find. Keeping your systems updated is vital…
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Strategy Day 2 Establish Strict Policies and Procedures

Establish Strict Policies and Procedures Policies Let me start this article by apologizing for not publishing this sooner. We had an unfortunate situation arise but it is now taken care of. Policies and procedures regulate business operations and are essential for defining the standards and expectations of employee behavior and actions in the workplace. They…
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Cyber Readiness Strategy

We are going to start off April with a Cyber Readiness Strategy campaign to help keep America’s Small Businesses secure during the crisis we are now facing (and others that will come in the future). Since many businesses are closed or are allowing employees to work from home there is no better time to keep…
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Coronavirus Pushes New Businesses Model

Coronavirus Pushes New Businesses Model Coronavirus Pushes Businesses to Fast Track Projects like remote work. While many have never even considered a remote or work from home model, it is surely in their sights now. Remote work has likely already been in place for larger enterprises that are well equipped to add the necessary safeguards…
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