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Cybersecurity Awareness Month Tip #3

This is a quick and simple one that hopefully we all know but needs to be said. Whether email, text(sms) or telephone message think before responding. Use the 20 second rule. Read, Examine, decide. <<<<< Read about it there Hackers know you. There should be no doubt about that. Everyone is on social media and…
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How to Protect Your Business From Phishing

Unless you did not know, Phishing is the most used form of hacking there is. So what are you doing to protect your business from phishing attacks. If the answer is nothing you are setting yourself up for a huge financial nightmare that could easily shutter your business. In fact over 60% of small businesses…
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Business Owners in Denial

In my line of work I encounter a lot of Business Owners in Denial. It surprises me every time although I guess it shouldn’t. You see Cybersecurity is a MAJOR issue for every business that uses technology, which is almost all of them. For some reason they have the ‘It won’t happen to me’ attitude…
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Back to School – 6 Tips to Stay Safe

As you are likely well aware, school is about to begin if it already hasn’t. I am sure you also know that this year will look different from years past. There will be a few things that will remain the same. Back to school sales at brick and mortar retailers for supplies and new clothes.…
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2o second rule for email security

DB Cybersecurity uses advanced technology to detect camouflaged malware before it strikes; even previously unseen malware. The truth is, hackers know they have a decent chance of success when hiding in plain sight. Phishing attacks arrive in our busy inboxes as attention-grabbing messages, updates, or promotions. Cyber Criminals use the most powerful marketing strategies of…
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Coronavirus Phishing Attacks

Coronavirus Phishing Attacks We all new it was going to happen. In fact I have been getting phishing emails for several weeks now. It started soon after the announcement of the outbreak in Wuhan, China. These attacks use every possible fear folks may have. They range from new more effective masks to more potent hand…
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Amazon Scam | A New Twist

This new twist for the Amazon scam does not contain any links but does have an attachment which includes malicious code.

Do you WannaCry

WannaCry aka WannaCrypt 2.0, is back and it is reported to have infected over 75.000 users in Europe on Saturday. That number grew to more than 200,000 by Sunday.

Amazon Prime points scam

Your Amzon-Prime bucks  are expiring’ scammers attempt to elicit a response from unwary people. Then its, Congratulations! Your system has been hacked and your Identity has been stolen!

You have a payment in process…

This is among the type of spam/scam emails which may catch the unsuspecting person by surprise. Regardless of whether or not it brings a person to a site that downloads any malware, it certainly has the potential to