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Consumer Pressure for Cybersecurity

Ping Identity, an American company that builds identity security for the global enterprise, revealed some sobering stats that small business owners need to consider.  The survey questioned consumers about how they view a data breach. As you can well imagine they do not like it. Worldwide data security is a major concern for consumers. Suffering…
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What is Shadow Tech and Why it matters to your business.

What is Shadow Tech and Why it matters to your business. Shadow Tech is fancy scary word for unauthorized devices being attached and used on your systems. It comes in many forms. Everything from thumb drives, ipods and phones plugged into a users computer to people bringing in their own WiFi routers and plugging them…
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A critical vulnerability was found that allows hackers to take over Windows Domain Controllers using a Netlogon EoP vulnerability that was found mid September. The vulnerability allows even unskilled hackers to take over a Domain Controller and essentially an entire system. It is recommended that any Windows Domain Controllers be taken OFFLINE and Patched immediately.…
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How Password Policies Protect Your Business

How Password Policies Protect Your Business As mentioned in an earlier article Combat the Password Crisis, Passwords are a necessary part of protecting your business assets. We have had to deal with our almost universal dislike of using and changing passwords for a long time now. It is because of this dislike that password policies…
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Will They Call You Stupid or Irresponsible when…

Will They Call You Stupid or Irresponsible… when you fall victim to a cyber attack? When you fall victim to a cyber attack they will call you all sort of things. Those mentioned above are only a couple. It’s EXTREMELY unfair, isn’t it? Blaming the victim… Victims of all other crimes – burglary, rape, mugging,…
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All Businesses Must Deliver Security

Your Customers Expect it That’s right. Your customers and clients expect that you will keep their information safe, secure and out of the hands of hackers. You have an obligation to them to do everything in your power to do so. Thinking your business is too small or that you have nothing of value is…
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Your Firewall Doesn’t Protect Your Business

Your Firewall Doesn’t Protect Your Business As a matter of fact you could do just as well not even having one. Let me explain. There are many ways to get into your systems and steal, modify or make your mission critical data and services unusable and unavailable. A Firewall is used to guard and protect…
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Hacked Exchange Server

Hacked: Exchange Servers Worldwide Vulnerable

Exchange Servers Worldwide Hacked Think Your systems are safe. Read this: Multiple nation-state groups hacking Exchange servers around the world. Multiple government-backed hacking groups are exploiting a recently-patched vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange email servers. The exploitation attempts were first spotted by UK cyber-security firm Volexity on Friday and confirmed today to ZDNet by a source…
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Ransomware – the business of cyber crime

This is a great clip of Kevin Mitnick, at one time the most wanted hacker in the world, demonstrating how ransomware is delivered and the most common targets. Scary stuff!

Data Breach

Capitol One Data Breach

The Capitol One Data Breach is just the latest in the news. While we are only hearing about it now it happened in March and affects over 106 million people