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Insta-Gram Phishing Scam

This phishing email scam informs users that their account has been or will be suspended and is currently pending deletion due to a copyright infringement violation. It informs the user they must visit the link provided (spoofed) and log in to appeal the decision in order to avoid permanent account deletion.  When the user visits the link an

American Express phishing scam attack

Microsoft’s Windows Defender Security Team discovered a phishing scam designed to obtain American Express cardholders sensitive information.

Phishing and Pharming

Phishing and Pharming | As is the case with most criminal activity, the phishers and pharmers and scammers do not care about the laws. If you receive unsolicited emails it is safer to just mark them as junk and block them than it is to attempt to unsubscribe.

HBO subscribers targeted

HBO has lots of customers that love the convenience offered by streaming their favorite movies and shows. Unfortunately it is also among the most common targets of phishing scams. This season it was HBO’s Game of Thrones that viewers anticipated and scammers eyed. They targeted the season with a “Free Trial”phishing email.

Recommended Wordpress Plugins

Doodle Poll phishing scam

This scam tricks its victims into sharing their Office 365 login and password by sending them to a faked login page for access.

Recommended Wordpress Plugins

Recommended WordPress Plugins

Recommended WordPress Plugins People always want to know if I have any Recommended WordPress Plugins. There are tons of WordPress plugins available. Some are great. They are maintained and have been around for a long time. Others, well … lets just say they really aren’t up to par. There are several I have found to…
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Website Monitoring Services – Pricing

Website Monitoring Services – Pricing Basic Level Services $100.00 monthly Monthly Backups Monthly Security Checks Monthly Performance Check Monthly Executive Report Additional Backups $15, Security Check $15, Performance Check $15 Pro Level Services $150.00 monthly Weekly Backups w/SAFE Updates Weekly Security Checks Weekly Performance Check Weekly Executive Report Clone and Migrate SEO Monitoring Uptime Monitoring…
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Why Hire a Website Monitoring Service??

Why hire a Website Monitoring Service?? I know what you are thinking, ‘I don’t need a Website Monitoring Service. I already have a webmaster who is doing everything I need for my business website. ’ Does he really? While he/she may do a lot and seem to be doing a great job, there are many…
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Website Management and Monitoring Services

Website Management and Monitoring Services Descriptions Backups Technical takeaways for nerds Clone Technical takeaways for nerds UpTime Monitoring $10/mo Technical takeaways for nerds SEO Monitoring Technical takeaways for nerds Security Check Technical takeaways for nerds Analytics Technical takeaways for nerds Technical takeaways for nerds Client Report Vulnerability Updates Technical takeaways for nerds Safe Updates Technical…
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What is Vulnerability Scanning and Testing

Vulnerability Scanning and Testing Vulnerability scanning and testing is an important part of keeping your computers at your business and at your home secure. Not only keeping the personal and sensitive information ( a.k.a. Personal Identifying Information or PII) , such as bank account numbers, tax and income info and even medical information about you,…
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