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Amazon Scam | A New Twist

Amazon Scam | A New Twist


Watch Out for Latest Amazon Scam

This new twist for the Amazon scam. It does not contain any links. It does have an attached file which I am sure includes malicious code.

Do you, your family and your employees know how to spot an email scam or phishing attempt? Someone who is an Amazon affiliate may just fall for this one. There are giveaways that are generally consistent with phishing or scams. This one is no exception.

The most glaring one is the from email address. While the shown name is Amazon Marketplaces which may fool some even though is says Marketplaces – should have been Marketplace. The actual email address is not from the Amazon domain., as shown below.

Amazon Marketplaces <reservations@thebistr********dale.com>

Your Amazon Seller Fees VAT Invoice for 6/2019-ID (New-ID: 112-5591137-4708119)-[05/2019]

Dear email.address.was.here,

Please find enclosed an electronic tax invoice for the month of 6/2019 in HTML format. Please note that this invoice is not a request for payment.

To review your account summary or request other copies of your tax invoices, please log into your Seller Central account.

If you have any questions, please contact Seller Support.

Best regards,

Amazon Payments Services

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