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Amazon Prime points scam

Amazon Prime points scam

Scammers try everything like posing as Amazon Prime. With a subject line of ‘Your Amzon-Prime bucks  are expiring’ scammers attempt to elicit a response from unwary people. Once inside you find  they employ urgency to get and use your bucks before its too late.  All designed to get you to click on their link.

The link contains a script that will infect your system with malware. The malware may lay dormant for a long time and you will not even know its there. One day in the future you will be made aware that there is a problem with your device. By that time it is too late. The damage has been done. The malware may have gathered all of your personal info and sent it along to the scammer.

Then its, Congratulations! Your system has been hacked and your Identity has been stolen!

That is why it is so important to be ever vigilant when you are online. Emails and nefarious sites lurk in every corner of the web.

Learn how you can teach your employees to avoid phishing and other scams. This not only helps protect your company but your employee and their family as well from possible scams that can lead to Identity Theft or serious security breaches. Contact us HERE