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All Businesses Must Deliver Security

All Businesses Must Deliver Security

Your Customers Expect it

That’s right. Your customers and clients expect that you will keep their information safe, secure and out of the hands of hackers. You have an obligation to them to do everything in your power to do so. Thinking your business is too small or that you have nothing of value is just plain WRONG THINKING!

Trust is generally implied when you do business with someone. You can easily prove to your customers that it is deserved.

No business is too small to be ‘hacked’. In fact because of the misguided idea that a business is “too small” or doesn’t have anything of value to hackers is exactly why they get attacked. This “too small” mindset is why many small businesses do not choose to implement a cybersecurity program. The hackers, or more appropriately attackers or scammers, know this is the prevailing mindset and therefore see them as an easy target.

Think like a CROOK!

If small business owners would take a step back from their position and think like a bad guy for a minute they would change their minds. When a robber is casing a neighborhood he will take time to observe the area. He will make notes on when people come and go. When they get up and go to bed. He will make note of whether you have a dog or if you have children. But the first thing they will look for is a sign. A sign which states the house is protected by a professional security system that is constantly monitored. This is a real time saver for the crook. He just continues down the street to find a house that does not have a security system sign out front. Why would he bother with the house with the sign. It is much more risky to break into the protected house than the one with no security system installed.

They go after the low hanging fruit

The same goes for your business data assets. Sure you have a firewall and some sort of anti-virus program. You may even have a security guard at the  front entrance. This will do little to deter today’s cyber attackers. Why would they waste their valuable time hacking through a firewall when they don’t need to. Truth is, most of them do not have the skills to do it anyway. They can just go to a website and rent a ransomware phishing program. If they contact thr right guy they can get a delayed ransom malware that will install and slowly siphon off your data before locking everything up. And chances are you won’t even know they are there until your screen pops up with a ransom note. By the time you get this notice your data has already been stolen. The bad thing about data is that it can get stolen but still remains exactly where it should be. That data could be your financial info or your customers. Often the ransomware is just a diversion to cover their tracks. The unlock keys they provide will likely scrub all traces of what they have been doing right under your nose.

You are a Victim but you will be blamed for the incident

Even though you are a victim you will be the one your customers blame. Your reputation will be the one that takes the hit. You will be the one they come after with law suits. You will be the one who could be held criminally liable. An article i read stated that the cost of a breach is about $255 per record. Lets say you have about 1000 customers. You do the math. On top of that the ransom could run anywhere from $1000 to $50000 or more and there is no guarantee that your systems will actually be unlocked. About half of the attackers do not have the technology nor the inclination to unlock your stuff. Even if they did, do you really believe they would remove the malware/spyware and the ransom program too. It is easier for them to leave it on and reactivate it at a later date. Hopefully your would reinstall all your programs and operating systems on all your machines to prevent that from happening. But now how much do you think it will cost in downtime, IT outsourcing to rebuild everything, loss of your good reputation and lost customers and the revenue they bring. Fact is that over 50% of all small businesses who are breached will go out of business within 12 months.

…over 50% of all small businesses will go out of business within 12 months.

Wanna know why the other 50% survive? If you haven’t guessed it by now they are the ones who had a solid cybersecurity asset protection solution in place BEFORE the incident happened.

You can be prepared too. It is not difficult or expensive. In fact you can get started for FREE. Click the button below to find out how.Contact Us



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