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Month: September 2020

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Your Choices After a Ransomware Attack

The choices of recourse you have after a ransomware attack like the one that hit in Fairfax County Public Schools last Friday are limited. There are basically two options, neither is good. The first option you will have is to refuse to pay the ransom. As stated in the disclosure of the FPCS breach, the…
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Back to School – Avoiding Cyberattacks

The kids have gone “Back to School” so to speak. In many cases virtually. While we have become comfortable with the whole online learning thing over the past several months, It is still ultimately up to parents to make the online learning experience safe for our young learners. If you have been tuning in/listening to…
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Protecting Yourself and Your Family – What you need to know.

Protecting yourself and your family online is more important than you can imagine. There is technology that you need to use properly but your strongest defense against criminals is YOU! We all know technology needs to be used properly and kept up to date with security patches and updates. But knowing it and doing it…
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