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Month: August 2020

How Safe is Your Personal Info

How Safe is Your Personal Info Just a normal day walking from the station to the office. This nice girl shows you a sign in the window and tells you that if you like them on facebook, the coffee shop will give you a free coffee and pastry. WOW! This is starting out to be…
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Back to School – 6 Tips to Stay Safe

As you are likely well aware, school is about to begin if it already hasn’t. I am sure you also know that this year will look different from years past. There will be a few things that will remain the same. Back to school sales at brick and mortar retailers for supplies and new clothes.…
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Privacy Laws and Compliance

I’m starting to notice a lot of Small Businesses are unaware of this new law in effect: In March 2020, the New York Shield Act went in effect. If you’re not familiar, it makes any business sending sensitive information to a NY resident protect it or could they face a fine up to $250,000. The…
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2o second rule for email security

DB Cybersecurity uses advanced technology to detect camouflaged malware before it strikes; even previously unseen malware. The truth is, hackers know they have a decent chance of success when hiding in plain sight. Phishing attacks arrive in our busy inboxes as attention-grabbing messages, updates, or promotions. Cyber Criminals use the most powerful marketing strategies of…
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