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Month: February 2020

Your Account Numbers are Exposed

Your account numbers are exposed in a way that you may not even realize. That’s right. Actually it’s something you see quite often but don’t even recognize it.  Can you guess what it is?

Essential Cybersecurity Toolkit Landing Page

Teach employees about social scams so they know what to expect and how to spot them. Prepare your team here. http://datto-content.amp.vg/web/dl6flv023vitv

Business Guide to Ransomware – Landing Page

Provide clear instructions on what to do if your employees encounter a potential #ransomware lure. Learn how here. http://datto-content.amp.vg/web/ck3nxh90qi8ps

Zero Trust – Got It?

Zero Trust means what it says: don’t trust anyone who is accessing your network. Generally you need to keep your data secure and if you come from the position that everyone who is trying to connect to your systems is up to no good then you are in a position of power to enable a secure network strategy.

Ransomware – SaaS

All it takes is one click by an employee to put your data in jeopardy. Protect your business with a Ransomware Protection and Recovery Solution. Contact us to learn more.

Keeping the bad guys at bay

Whether your IT guy lets you know or not, your business critical assets are NOT SECURE! No system is secure. If you think otherwise you are fooling yourself. A study by Ponemon revealed the truth. Out of 2000 companies tested the penetration testers claimed that only 13% posed any difficulty. Read that again. All 2000…
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