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Month: April 2019

Cell Phone Security

Cell Phone Security

There are numerous way that bad actors can track your online usage. If you have ever clicked on an ad and then keep seeing the same ads following you around that is a very popular technique. Many people will put it off to just simple coincidence, but in reality it is far from that. All you have to do sometimes is visit a site and they have you.

You have been hacked phishing scam and extortion email

You have been hacked, they sent the email from your own account. They basically just spoofed your email address to make it look like it was sent from your account. Email spoofing is a relatively easy thing to do and it happens more than you think.

Phone Phishing Scammers are Getting Better at Their Craft

If you own a mobile phone, which almost EVERYONE does, you have likely noticed a huge increase in the number of spam calls that you get. The failed Do Not Call system if considered pretty much a joke by everyone. The thing you may not know is the scammers and phone phishers are baiting the…
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Microsoft Announced Email Breach

On April 13 Microsoft announced there was a security breach that affected email accounts of people using MSN, Outlook and Hotmail. The best course of action is to imm

Cell Phone Security

Secure Your Devices

While you are probably more likely to lose your phone than have it getting hacked there are still simple precautions you should take.

Microsoft Grant phishing scam

MICROSOFT GRANT NOTICE!!!   REFERENCE#: MAT3388118455 You have won $1 Million from the Microsoft Grant Donation

Verizon Phishing scam

launched against Verizon mobile customers. This attack which is very well crafted, directs people to login in order to claim a discount. This attack uses over 70 fake Verizon domains and fake login pages. Its designed to lure legitimate Verizon customers to visit the fak

Insta-Gram Phishing Scam

This phishing email scam informs users that their account has been or will be suspended and is currently pending deletion due to a copyright infringement violation. It informs the user they must visit the link provided (spoofed) and log in to appeal the decision in order to avoid permanent account deletion.  When the user visits the link an

American Express phishing scam attack

Microsoft’s Windows Defender Security Team discovered a phishing scam designed to obtain American Express cardholders sensitive information.

Phishing and Pharming

Phishing and Pharming | As is the case with most criminal activity, the phishers and pharmers and scammers do not care about the laws. If you receive unsolicited emails it is safer to just mark them as junk and block them than it is to attempt to unsubscribe.