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Our Mission is to provide expertise in cybersecurity and compliance by giving sound actionable advice that will reduce your risk and preserve your bottom line. We work for you, the business owner, to help you achieve your business goals without having to figure out technology. Because we DO NOT sell, install or otherwise modify technology hardware, we eliminate the possibility of conflict of interest of selling Technology Hardware in order to make a profit.

What We Do and Don’t Do

There are reasons why a business does some things and not others.
Here is a list of things we will and will not do

We Do …

We Do Not …


Our Flagship service is Dark Web Monitoring and Employee Awareness. This is the first step most clients will engage in. In fact a FREE Dark Web scan and 1 month monitoring is where we recommend new Clients begin. The follow-up No Obligation Assessment Consultation lets both parties decide if a partnership is a good fit.


Let’s be realistic here. In case you did not know, once digital information has been compromised it is no longer considered to be secure and can NEVER be classified as uncompromised again. It is in the ‘WILD’ and there is NO way to ensure it has all been captured and removed.

THAT is just the plain TRUTH! If someone claims they can I suggest you check your wallet and RUN.


Our first order of business with every client is complete a full technology assessment. This allows us to have an accurate accounting of all servers, routers, switches, endpoints and other appliances. This is where our job starts. We then make a prioritized list of security issues which need to be addressed. This would include missing patches, out-of-date Operating Systems, Unecessary open ports, lack of encryption, Unused user accounts, etc.


While we are knowledgable of the different infrastructure hardware necessary to operate a business we do not sell it. We are not tied to certain manufacturers and do not profit by selling hardware to you. We will work with your current IT provider and give guidelines with recommended hardware tailored to your specific company. They are already managing your systems and should continue to do so under most circumstances.


When we present the assessment it will include a detailed asset inventory. You will also be presented with a measurement of where the company stands in regard to cybersecurity and compliance guidelines, requirements and frameworks. We also create a roadmap with 1 week, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6, 9 and 12 month goals. We reassess as needed but minimum monthly with a quarterly review.


Your in-house or IT service provider knows how your particular system is set up and should know the relationships between servers, appliances and endpoints. We make recommendations of best practice and mandatory compliance modifications for them to implement. This way they can assure there is minimal negative impact to business operations.


We review your cyber insurancy policy to ensure any changes to policy or business practices to not compromise policy compliance. The last thing you need is to find out that you have not been within the policy guidelines AFTER an incident occurs and your claim has been denied.

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We take policy seriously. There are many policies that need to be in place and enforced strictly. Failure to implement and enforce  policies can and often do result in denial of insurance claims and harsh regulatory fines. Many businesses have had to close their doors because they failed to implement and enforce policies.

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We take compliance seriously.

We Do …

We Do …

We Do …

We Do …

Solid Cyber Defense for American Small Businesses

Our goal is to provide you with actionable advice to keep your business secure and moving forward in this new and exciting future we are stepping into. The business landscape has changed forever and will never again be like it was. Businesses need to embrace the future or die with the past.

The entire world has changed. The way we do business. The way we educate our children. The way we buy and sell. The way our employees work. It has all changed since the beginning of 2020. It will never be the same.

We will provide in-depth research and assess your entire infrastructure to show you where your assets are at risk and what needs to be done to defend, survive and grow into the next phase of your business.

What will seperate those businesses who survive and thrive from those that flounder and fail?


The ability to quickly adjust and adapt to the new business landscape and be able to fend off advancing threats while moving forward.


Hard science and sound actionable steps to ensure growth while maintaining Security and Compliance.


Security and Compliance regulations and standards are evolving at recodr pace. Not maintaining security and compliance standards can result in massive fines and even criminal charges and impro. Any company that wants to grow and thrive MUST keep security and compliance top of mind and culture.


We begin designing all our clients solutions with cybersecurity framework at the forefront. This enables Cyber Resilience to face threats throiugh proactive prevention and rapid recovery.

Technology Integration

Maintaining internal and external cybersecurity with advanced machine learning and AI allows us to quickly recognize and mitigate any threats that make it past perimeter security as well as insider threat activities that start from within..

Assessments and Planning

Quarterly Business Reviews allow us to ensure Your Business stays healthy and helps to support your Business Continuity requirements as well as conformity to industry regulations

At DBC2, our Cybersecurity solutions are always designed with securing your mission critical assets to ensure your business success. There are two groups of business owners when it comes to Cybersecurity. The ones who know they have a solid solution like we provide and the others who say they ‘have it covered’. Lets work together to ensure your critical systems stay available with a Solid Cybersecurity Roadmap. We start with discovering your current Cybersecurity posture by engaging in a complete internal and external asset and risk assessment that will expose any weaknesses or deficiencies. We then work with you to define what we want that posture to look like in the future and create a path forward with actionable and measurable steps to be taken.

Your Goal is Growth.

For any business sustained growth is paramount for success.

We will provide in-depth research and assess your entire system to show you where your assets are at risk and what needs to be done to survive and grow into the next phase of your business model.

Our analysys of your business risk also includes determining and advising of possible changes to operational/corporate policies or even insurance ploicy compliance.


An Acceptable Use Policy that is enforced and followed from leadership down helps to create a Security Conscious Culture


A weak, unenforced or non-existant Password Policy can create a devastating breach.


Enforcing Remote Access Policy effectively reduces your risk exposure. Monitoring and automatic reporting helps safeguard against compromise and insider threats.


We ensure that your business practices and policies do not put you at greater risk. You don’t want to find out you are not covered after an incident has occured

Insight Into Future Trends

Insight into future trends is our gps to measure against to ensure we are working toward the future not protecting against the past

Firewalls, SEIM’s and Anti-Virus are necessary but they will not provide complete asset protection from the threats that your business faces. AI and Machine Learning fills the gap.

While nothing can guarantee 100% protection AI and Machine Learning can distinguish anomoulous behaviors from normal activity and can isolate and alert personel before catastrophic damage can be done.


Think about that for a minute. Your businesses digital assets are what your business creates, consumes, distributes and sells. They are the life blood of your business. If they were compromised, stolen, leaked or destroyed, what would you do? Could you survive? Do you get the chills when your IT Guy says he has it covered?

The IBM/Ponemon breach data report shows that 80% of small businesses have been compromised and most don’t even know it.


Running your business is your top priority. You don’t have the time to make sure your IT Guy is providing you with proper cybersecurity solutions and not just padding his bottom line. That is where DB Cybersecurity comes in.

Our concern is protecting your critical assets. Your IT Guy is busy keeping things running. Our insight and expertise will allow him to serve you better doing what he excells at – Keeping your systems running 24/7/365. He needs to focus on your IT infrastructure.

Because we do not have a stake in your IT infrastructure budget, we can advise you about steps to take and recommend products or services without concern for how much profit we will make for a service contract or equipment upgrade.

Watch the 2019 Global Ransomware Report Video

Unified Continuity Solution Keeps

Business Running Anywhere – Anytime

So why does all this matter?

One Word


When your systems go down your business stops

Was it just a quick glitch or something more.

While you hold your breath hoping for the best you know in the back of your mind that…


Hope is NOT a Business Plan!

Hope will not help you if something more serious has just happened.    

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